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Seo & Digital Marketing

Search engine optimization is important today , to get your business visibility on the first search for more clients and interested traffic.

Search Engine Optimization
  • * SEO audit and corrections.
  • * Writing of optimized texts.
  • * Netlinking, Backlinks and links to RSS feeds.
  • * Google Webmaster and Google Analytics.
  • * Position monitoring, reporting and advice.
Pay per Click
  • * Research and choice of optimal keywords.
  • * Tracking and reporting.
  • * Multilingual SEA campaigns.
  • * Account management.
Conversion Rate Optimization
  • * Analysis of the effectiveness of your website.
  • * Development of an adequate optimization method.
  • * Development of controlled tests.
  • * Evaluation of results.
The mission of [* IT *] is to think, talk, and act like a business.

Technology Stacks

Our stack consiste the combination of technologies our company uses to build and run applications or projects.

theitprogrammers python
Python Development

Used to build websites and software, automate tasks, and conduct data analysis, robotics .

Php Development

Specialized for websites and platforms,genetally web app developments solutions.

theitprogrammers windev
Windev Development

The new generation of development that can develop web app , desktop app also mobile application.

theitprogrammers vuejs
Vuejs Development

Primarily used to build web interfaces and one-page applications.

theitprogrammers angular
Angular Development

Framework for building single-page client applications using HTML and TypeScript.

theitprogrammers react
Reactjs Development

Allow developers to easily create perfect user interfaces for websites and applications alike.

theitprogrammers laravel
Laravel Development

Laravel makes the development process fun and creative. As a result, the end result is a highly responsive web application development.

theitprogrammers django
Django Development

It is mostly used to create web applications. Its main advantage is that it allows the user to develop fully new, unique components that are required for particular applications.

theitprogrammers flask
Flask Development

It is typically used for creating web services and web applications. Its main advantage is that it allows the user to develop fully new, unique components .